Bringing Crypto To The Masses

Mingo is bringing Crypto to over 6 billion users via simple & easy to use messaging, gaming & NFTs.

Making Cryptocurrency as easy as a Text Message

Mingo provides a chat aggregator platform that brings all of your social channels into one place with a dedicated channel to send crypto just like a text message.


All of your contacts and messages in one simple mobile messenger


A multicurrency Wallet including Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple and MingoCoin


Challenge other mingo users to “skill based” gaming competitions


A token built on HTS, the fastest most secure DLT in the world.

Mingo Merchant Platform

Merchants can provide products and services for MingoCoin

A Plugin Economy For Web 3.0

Utilising the incredible Hedera Technology, our focus is on building an ecosystem ready for the everyday user and the modern internet.

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